General Awesomeness - A5 Notebook

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General Awesomeness Notebook.jpg
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General Awesomeness - A5 Notebook


A monochrome palette and intricate geometrical font, elevated by an inspiring quote reading "General Awesomeness" in hand applied die cut gold foil letters, and contrasted by a sleek grey background.

Part of a unique collection of four designs and quotes - make sure to check them all out!


100 pages A5 Notebook, printed on grey recycled GF Smith board.

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Oh no, they didn't!

You bet they did: combining Hello Geronimo's signature geometrical typography and delicately applied die cut gold foil to create a collection of absolutely irresistible notebooks!

Monochrome palette and ultra stylish design get together to create the perfect companion to your daily adventures. Whether it's at work, at home, or travelling around the world, this collection of three awesome notebooks will follow you to ensure that no thought or spark of genius goes to waste!

And talking about waste, these little guys are printed on a grey recycled GF Smith board, providing you with 50 blank pages to create your own story - what's not to like!

Ready, steady, SCRIBBLE! 

Notebooks, the Hello Geronimo way.

Designs available: Life Goals | Blah Blah Blah | General Awesomeness | This and That

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