Hello Geronimo is a modern design studio working with collage and print to produce a range of greeting cards and wall art, with a focus on bright colours, varied textures and beautiful applique. Based in South London, Hello Geronimo was founded by Vicky Kieldsen in 2011. Following a career in interior design, Vicky was inspired to bring her own ideas to the fore and start creating.

From humble beginnings at Marylebone market, Hello Geronimo has grown into a constantly evolving business, supplying collages, prints and greeting cards to a range of retailers, as well as selling directly online. Hello Geronimo first gained notoriety for the signature button maps, which depict countries comprised of handmade badges and colourful buttons. The ranges have more recently diversified to include Christmas cards, greetings cards, and prints to adorn stylish nurseries and children’s bedrooms.